Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

How useful are guylines?

When we designed our electric fences we knew they had to be functional and easy to use. We developed our own guylines with this in mind.

They help to reduce sag in the lines for both fences. When it comes to performance, the more tension, the better (see the FAQ ). And, they make it simple to adjust for tension in the lines before bed. 

The Basecamp model is inherently more stable because of its step-in posts. But this Bear Sentry can benefit from guylines too, particularly over longer stays when small movements in the fence, for example near a gate, may loosen their footing.

Finally, guylines help to secure both models when the weather turns ugly (and make them visible).

Bear Sentry Guylines can be purchased separately.

Note: the best way to pull the guylines taut is downward, having looped the end with the aluminum tensioner around the top of the pole, and the end with the bowline onto the peg. This way the tensioners are closer to hand during set up.

How to adjust the guylines for the portable electric fences from Bear Sentry Systems.

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