Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

About Us

The Recreation bear brand of Sicamous, home town of Cynthia and Kate Gentles.
Bear Sentry Systems is native to the town of Sicamous in the North Okanagan Shuswap of British Columbia, Canada. The company was founded in 2021 by the Gentles sisters, Kate and Cynthia.
No strangers to backcountry camping, Kate and Cynthia found that there was no electric fence out there designed for the real world conditions they faced on their various expeditions into the wilderness.

Bear Sentries emerged from Kate’s backwoods ingenuity and Cynthia’s background in industrial design.


Picture of owner Kate


Picture of owner Cynthia

I spent most of my adult life serving with Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, both at home and abroad. Living and working outdoors was commonplace, but army "camping" was no substitute for adventures into the Canadian backcountry.

Even though Army life prepared me for miserable weather and crippling rucksack loads, Gore Tex and carbon fibre were welcome additions to my kit.

Over time, my knees became less willing than my soul, and adventure motorcycling took the place of schlepping into the woods with a pack.

As one might expect however, the more I ventured into bear country, the less I slept. Knowing I was not at the top of the food chain became overwhelming. 

My solution was to cobble together electric fence parts and pieces to create what became the foundation for Bear Sentry Systems.

I was a shop teacher in Ottawa where I enjoyed designing and fabricating cool products with my students.

We grew up camping wherever our family was posted. Every other memory takes me to Vancouver Island where we base camped on the beaches and launched expeditions up the West Coast Trail or rivers by canoe. On the Prairies my dad took us on long treks into the bush to find the perfect fishing holes. My favourite class was Mr Buzik’s Outdoor Ed which culminated in a week long trip through the Rockies. I loved survival training with cadets.

Canoe trips with my pals followed, into the Kananaskis and Algonquin Park. We were self reliant but hoping for the best at night. And there were those epic Thelma and Louise road trips that criss-crossed the continent, camping where predators abound in every state and province.

Now I’m west again. Bear Sentry is my cool project with my sister.