Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

1.0 Joule (output) Energizer

The defining feature of an electric fence system is the energy rating of its energizer. The amount of energy or Joules that can be stored is important; how many Joules the energizer can actually deliver is critical, because that’s the shock.

Research shows that a shock of at least 0.5 Joules is needed to turn away a curious bear, but size really does matter when you're dealing with a motivated, hungry predator. Think big, bad Grizzly.

The Bear Sentry energizer stores 1.8 Joules and releases at least 1.0 Joule when discharged. That’s twice the minimum. That’s deterrence.
The Bear Sentry portable electric bear fence energizer.

For more on the technology of Bear Sentry fences (and tips for optimal performance) see How it Works.