Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

Predator Deterrence for Wilderness Camps

Lightweight and powerful, Bear Sentries are small additions to your kit that bring huge peace of mind. We offer two models for the way you camp:

The Backcountry model Bear Sentry for backpack camping in bear country.

The Backcountry


The Base Camp

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The Base Camp model Bear Sentry portable electric fence far camping with a vehicle in bear country.

With a Bear Sentry, you don’t have to hope for the best.

My Base Camp is compact enough to easily stow away, and powerful enough to encompass my vehicle and campsite. I love that my Backcountry expansion packs let me adapt if I'm going out on foot or on two wheels.

Paul F, Vernon BC

I can now sleep soundly in the backcountry, knowing I have a Bear Sentry in place. My Syclone is so easy to set up and it doesn't weigh me down.

Siobhan C, Vancouver BC

This opens up a lot of possibilities I had sort of discounted before, like camping and hunting in the Pemberton area. Lots of Griz thereabouts, so I basically wouldn’t camp up there.

Dave M, Squamish BC
Bears rummaging through a tent

More Good Kit

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At Bear Sentry Systems, we hope our fences make it easier for anyone to access and enjoy the wilderness, and we believe in giving back to the communities who share our values and support our adventurous lifestyle.

We will donate $5 from the sale of every Bear Sentry to this worthy registered charity: