Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

Why Bear Sentry?

Campsite with portable electric fence around the tent

Bear Sentries offer protection you can pack for when you’re most vulnerable.

Light weight and compact, a Bear Sentry is a small addition to your kit that brings huge peace of mind, especially at night. Our portable electric fences are designed to deter bears from entering campsites, helping to keep you, your tent, and your gear safe. We’ve made them easy to take with you however you like to enjoy the wilderness. A Bear Sentry on duty makes for a good night’s sleep wherever you camp.

Bear Sentries are extremely capable of deterring bears.

The defining feature of any electric fence system is the energy rating of its energizer. Research shows that a shock of at least 0.5 Joules is needed to turn away a curious bear, but size really does matter when you're dealing with a motivated, hungry predator. The Bear Sentry energizer releases one full Joule of energy when discharged. That’s deterrence.

Bear Sentries can be set up in minutes, anywhere.

The Pole Spikes we’ve designed (patent pending) make Backcountry aluminum or composite fibre poles as easy to drive into rocky ground as Base Camp step-in posts. This means all Bear Sentries can be set up quickly and firmly in any terrain. Our manual shows just how simple it is to get your electric bear fence up and running after you make your camp.

Bear Sentries are designed for flexibility. 

If you camp with a larger outfit or a group, expansion packs are available for almost limitless perimeters. They are part of a modular system in which Backcountry and Base Camp models share the same powerful energizer and many common components; it's the posts and wire that distinguish the models. So you can convert a Backcountry into a Base Camp and vice versa with the purchase of one model, and expansion packs for the other. “Two Bear Sentries in one” offers you predator deterrence for any sort of wilderness camp.

But please, stay bear smart. 

Bear Sentries are a complement to all other best practices in bear country, not a replacement.

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