Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

How much tension should there be in the lines?

The more tension, the better.

If a bear tries to enter your camp site, the Bear Sentry energizer is highly capable of delivering the shock to deter it. However, you’ve got to provide the best circumstances for that big shock to happen: make sure the system is operating properly (see the FAQ) and reduce sag in the lines.

Here’s why.

The best and more likely scenario has the bear touching the polywire with its wet nose; the electrical connection will be relatively easy.

How a Bear Sentry portable electric fence delivers at least one joule when a bear touches the polywire. Touching with a wet nose is the easiest connection.
But it won’t be easy if the bear hits the line with a furry body part, because hair insulates skin, and who knows how damp the fur will be.

Your Bear Sentry does have the high voltage potential or “electrical pressure” to get through long and thick fur to the skin for a shock (see the FAQ). However, it will help if the line penetrates the fur in the first place, physically, and this requires some tension in the line.

So watch for ways to make your Bear Sentry as robust as it can be. This includes tensioning the polywire with guylines.

How to adjust the guylines for more tension on the portable electric bear fences by Bear Sentry Systems.

Bear Sentry guylines are available with  More Good Kit.

Bear Sentry guylines for Base Camp and Backcountry electrical bear fences.



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