Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

Designed for flexibility

In Bear Sentry’s modular system, Expansion Packs are key.

If you’re outfitting a group or camping with friends,

With one Bear Sentry plus expansion packs of poles and polywire you can have multiple campsites and / or a larger site.

The Bear Sentry energizer can support up to 20 km of wire so the size and layout of your camp is really up to you. 

Expansion Packs also let you convert a Backcountry fence into a Base Camp (or vice versa) because the models share the same powerful energizer and many common components. With “Two Bear Sentries in One” you’re ready for any sort of trip into bear country.

With expansion packs you can turn one model Bear Sentry electric fence into the other.

Finally, for extremely dry conditions, you can use an Expansion Pack to convert the normal “all positive” wire set up of your Bear Sentry into a positive-negative (ground-return) system. You can camp anywhere.