Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

Best Practices for Camping in Bear Country

A Bear Sentry will deter a bear if it tries to enter your camp, but you must do your best to prevent it from wanting to in the first place. Stay Bear Smart, and use your electric fence in conjunction with other Best Practices:

  • Choose a campsite with no indication of recent bear activity.
  • Keep noise deterrents and bear spray handy at all times.
  • Set up your Bear Sentry according to the instructions.
  • Cook downwind from tents and gear. Cooking in one location and camping in another is even better.
  • Store your food in a bear resistant container (BRC) and cache it away from your sleeping area. Never put food in your tent, even temporarily.
  • Be fastidious about handling food. Never eat in your tent or sleeping bag. Don’t touch your gear with dirty hands from prepping or eating food.
  • Don’t put clothing in your tent that is full of cooking smells. And don’t put toiletries in there either because even the ‘non-scented’ ones smell sweet to a bear.
  • Keep a clean camp and store your garbage securely in the same place as your food. Remember, bears can smell burnt food in your fire pit.
  • Before turning in, do a last minute check of your Bear Sentry to make sure that it’s operating properly.
  • Sleep soundly, because you’ve done your best.