Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

How is the Bear Sentry in wind and rain?

We've tested units in seriously wet conditions over multiple days. They work without issue, although we do recommend keeping the energizer and battery pack as dry as possible. They are electric after all. The sack that comes with each unit is water proof accordingly. 

As far as wind goes, Bear Sentries are not tornado proof, but we've had them out in high wind conditions and they work well. Base Camp posts have a 6" spike to hold them in place, so they are pretty stable on their own.
The "pole spikes" for the Backcountry versions are shorter, and therefore less stable in high wind. To compensate, the ‘expedition’ model Nanolite (aluminum poles) comes with guy lines to keep everything in place regardless of conditions. The composite fIbre poles of the Syclone are a bit more flexible and durable in the wind. This model is designed to be ultralight, so it doesn't come with guy lines (to keep weight down).
However, every Bear Sentry can benefit from guylines, for security and performanceWe are developing a kit of our own so that Syclone or Base Campers will have the option of packing guylines into places where the terrain may be soft, and the weather maybe not.
(Bear Sentry guyline kit, coming soon)
Bear Sentry Guylines for portable electric fence, to deter bears and protect campsites

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