Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

What size campsite can a Bear Sentry secure?

The Base Camp model (for camping with a vehicle) comes with 6 step-in posts and 100 meters (328 feet) of 3 mm (1/8”) polywire. We recommend no more than 5 m (16’) between posts to reduce wire sag and no less than 3 lines per fence.

As such, the stock Base Camp can secure a campsite up to 67 square meters (721 square feet) with a perimeter about 30 m (100’) long. A hexagonal layout will give you the biggest area.
Base Camp model Bear Sentry electric fence for camping with a vehicle, perimeter size

Expansion packs are available with 30 meters (100 feet) polywire and 2 posts each. They give you the option of having:

  • more protected area;
  • posts closer together (for irregular spaces, uneven terrain and more tension in the lines);
  • more lines (up to a total of 5);
  • a door (see How to install a gate or door).

You may consider adding a line, for instance, to protect game or food caches from smaller scavengers as well as predators.

As for a door, you could use 2 of the 6 posts that come with the stock Base Camp fence. But this would sacrifice square footage. Better to use an Expansion Pack, which could also extend the perimeter and add a line.

The Bear Sentry energizer can power up to 20 km (over 12 miles) of wire and remain extremely capable. So there are practically no limits to how you configure your fence for your particular needs.

The Backcountry model can secure up to 25 m2 ( 269 ft² ) with 65 m ( 196’ ) of  2 mm ( 5/64” ) polywire; Expansion Packs are available for larger enclosures. Again, we recommend no more than 5 m (16’) between poles to reduce sag in the 3 lines.

The area that a Backcountry model electric fence for camping from Bear Sentry Systems can protect
Guylines are useful to maintain tension in the lines (why?). This is particularly so when poles are set up in soft terrain, like sand or summer taiga / tundra. Our own guylines are available with More Good Kit.

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