Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

Does deterrence harm the bear?

While the shock is extremely painful, it lasts but for a split second in the form of a pulse (see  “What’s that clicking sound?”).

So the bear won’t get ‘stuck’ to the fence from seized up muscles; instead, it will be released instantaneously to run away and think twice about approaching your or anyone else’s campsite again.

The outcome that lasts is not physical damage, then, but psychological deterrence.

Bear Sentries are actually “good” for bears, because zapping them modifies their behaviour: they learn to disassociate food from human spaces and avoid campsites and homes where they can end up in unfortunate conflicts with us (leading to what are called ‘defensive kills’, and more orphans sent to the Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter, if they’re lucky).

Orphan bear cubs saved by the Northern Lights Wildlife Society at their shelter in B.C.

Orphaned bears rescued and rehabilitated now released by staff at the Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter, the Bear Sentry charity.

So when your Bear Sentry goes into action, it’s good for you and good for the bears.

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