Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

What’s that clicking sound?

That’s the sound of energy being discharged along the fence wire.

The flow of electricity is regulated by an energizer (also called a charger). It stores electrons in a “capacitor” and then releases them in a “pulse”; after each pulse the capacitor stores up electrons for the next pulse.

Clicking indicates pulses being released by the second. However, each pulse lasts a tiny fraction of a second.

This is a safety feature for everyone. Pulsing allows a bear to break contact from the fence once it has taken a shock i.e the connection will last but for a split second so the bear’s muscles won’t lock up and make him “stick” to the fence for a continuous shock. So the bear will be able to run away, shaken and deterred, not harmed.

When you hear a clicking sound like a metronome, that’s your Bear Sentry operating normally, and safely!

If you hear something else or in addition, like a popping, fizzing or crackling noise, there might be something wrong: go check your set up for a short (see the FAQ “How do I know if the fence is working properly?”)

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