Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

Can you set up a Bear Sentry on a hard surface like alpine rock?

The Bear Sentry pole spikes (patent pending) make our electric fences easy to set up in hard ground. Every other system on the market requires you to drive their poles directly into the ground by hand. But if you hit them with something hard, you risk damaging them, and stacking rocks just doesn't work (I've tried).

With our system, you drive a light-weight but extremely durable six inch headless spike into the ground with a hammer (or rock) and then slide the end of the fence pole over the exposed tip of the spike. I once set up my Nanolite in a hard surface gravel parking lot. I had to absolutely whale on the spikes to drive them in - the fence set up no problem. 
Base Camp Bear Sentry installed in hard ground.
I'm not an alpine enthusiast, but I'm pretty sure our pole spikes would do the trick, even in such harsh terrain. In any event, the Nanolite kit comes with guy lines to stabilize the poles in extremely hard or soft conditions. They also make tensioning the lines easier (to cut down set-up time).

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