Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

Can I use my Bear Sentry around a chicken coup?

When taking a break from the backcountry you can put your portable electric fence on duty at home. It’s useful around garbage bins or compost, and if you have porch raiders a Bear Sentry might be good there too.

A Bear Sentry portable electric fence used around an orchard and compost. Bear Sentry electric fences also protect beehives, chicken coups and garbage bins.
With expansion packs the same holds true for an orchard or anything else large and attractive to bears, like a goat pen or apiary. Your fence can deter bears from looking for tasty snacks on your property.
The Base Camp model would be best for the job because, with expansion packs, you can string up to 5 lines to deter smaller predators too, and install a gate for easy access. Use guylines on the posts for more tension on the lines (for why this is a good idea, see the FAQ). Bear Sentry Guylines are available.

Household mains power is best (with the AC adapter). If you’re off-grid, use 12v car battery power charged by a 100W solar panel.

You’d be doing a service to the bears by preventing them from associating food with people, in the wilderness or at home. For, bears have excellent memory. If they develop bad habits, it doesn’t work out well for anybody.

Keep the skat on the right side of the line!

However, as with any electric fence, you do have to be careful about children or pets getting too close: the Bear Sentry shock is nasty although not dangerous per se.

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