Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

Big Mountains - Big Storms - Big Adventure

I went for a ride last week and thought to share a few photos.

I started at one of my favourite places in British Columbia: Haddow Creek. The route in isn't too challenging, but its a long slog, deep in the backwoods. It's where the idea for Bear Sentry was born. Check it out: https://www.bearsentry.com/blogs/blog/bears-everywhere 


I then moved on to a far more remote location called Kidney Lake. When I say the route in was dodgy, it became super-sketchy after a crazy intense rainstorm. Thunderbolt and Lightening - Very Very Frightening! Fortunately, it passed over as fast as it arrived. Made for a lovely evening.


As I said, my route out was dodgy. This charming collection of timber and moss passed itself off as a bridge. Deep puddles on either side with greasy mud in-between meant I had to be on the throttle over it. Eeek!


Being alone in the backcountry is my fave.

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