Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

Bears Everywhere

Campground where the idea for bear fencing came from


This is where I first decided I needed something to keep bears away from my campsites.

Pictured is a place called Haddow Creek on Arrow Lake in the BC Kootenays. I travelled long and hard on some pretty dodgy trails, and I had the whole place to myself. After I got my camp setup and went for a swim, a couple of guys rode up on their dirt bikes. We traded stories and chatted about our bikes.

The conversation ended up kinda like this:

Two guys: "So ... are you alone?"

Me:  "Yes."

Two guys:  "Really?"

Me: "Yes."

Two guys: "Seriously?"

Me: "... ummm ..."

Me: "Are there many bears hereabouts?"

Two guys: "Hahahaha! Bwahahahaha!"

Two guys: "Umm. Sorry. Yes. Lots. Loads and Loads."

Two guys: "We'll come back later and check up on you."

Which they did. Once in the evening and once in the morning.

I freaked out. I didn't sleep that night. On my ride back out, I ran into three sizeable bears on the trail I rode in on. Three! That's when I really freaked out. I got home that day and put my hand to creating what became the Bear Sentry prototype.

From that day forward, I don't ride without it.

Motorcycle with camping gear on it

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