Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

How do you attach the ring terminal to the Base Camp polywire?

First, use a lighter to fuse the plastic insulation at the end of the polywire (apply heat for only a second or you risk melting away the plastic until it drips onto your hand).

Using aviation snips to cut off the melted end of the polywire after being fed through the ring terminal of the Bear Sentry Base camp polywire.

Feed the polywire into the ring terminal and wind it through. Using aviation snips (or any other strong shears) cut off the fused section. Pull back the polywire until about a 1/2” is showing.


With an electrical crimping tool, crimp i.e. compress the narrow section of the ring terminal shaft onto the polywire end (you can use another tool as long as you get lots of pressure right on the centre of that narrow part).


Et voila.

Polywire ring terminal secured to a Base Camp model portable electric step-in post by Bear Sentry Systems.

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