Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

Open for Business!

Bear Sentry has officially opened its doors! 

From getting the idea while huddled in a tent deep in the backcountry, to developing and producing three options for the bear aware traveller, it's been a hectic six months for Cynthia and me.

Attached are a few pictures taken as we worked through creating prototypes and fine tuning our production models.


Cynthia (and Henri) setting up a tent in order to test our production prototypes:

Cynthia applying some finesse to a ground stake:

Kate's bike (Gertie) loaded up with our testbed prototype. We were taking a break in historic Kaslo, BC:

Gertie safe and sound on our first adventure with a Bear Sentry. It was the first good night's sleep for me since I starting adventure riding in the backcountry:


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