Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

Anyone for an electric bear fence?

Grizzly at a campground about to be introduced to a Bear Sentry portable electric bear fence.


I love this picture. Reminds me of why we went into the bear fence business.

I was never really afraid of bears myself although I’ve always camped with a healthy awareness of them. I have seen glistening claw marks high up on trees on the way in and lord knows how much skat I’ve managed not to tread on (to date). So yeah, there was the odd ‘wakeful’ night - the mind is primeval in the darkness of the wild.

Being self reliant is part of the appeal of course. But that element of excitement can get old. A few of my friends won’t go camping because they have the spectre of this bear in their mind’s eye.

In mine now, the big bear is about to be introduced to a Bear Sentry.

Dempster Highway adventure ride campsite protected by a Bear Sentry portable electric fence, the Backcountry model.
Here’s one ready to say hello around my sister’s campsite on her Dempster Highway adventure ride to the Arctic.  

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