Portable Electric Bear Fences For Any Adventure

First Ride of the Season!

Gertie and I just got back from a solo three day adventure ride in the Kootenays.

It was a fantastic shake out for some new additions to my kit (ZOLEO satellite transceiver, down sleeping hood, and collapsable camp chair). The temperature dropped to below freezing at night, but that just kept the faint of heart away!

On day one, I camped at Eagle Bay on Arrow Lake. Sorry, no pictures. It was a little miserable with alternating rain and sleet. I hunkered down after getting set up and concentrated on staying warm and dry.

After packing up in the morning, I headed out and found this little gem on the road just a short ways from where I camped. Yes, it's what you think it is.

I made my way to a lovely spot called Snowshoe Lake. It is well off the beaten path and was a very challenging ride given what the weather had done to the route in.

At one point, Gertie and I forcibly parted company on a particularly steep and loose piece of trail. I landed hard, but was only shaken up courtesy of my armour. Gertie came to rest on her side in a deep rut, way past 90 degrees. I had to offload all of my gear just to right her. Even then, it took all I had. More time in the gym for me!

Taking a breather before carrying on, I walked down the trail a bit. Guess what I found? Yeah. Breather over. I was on my way right away!

Got to the lake and set up camp. What a fantastic spot. 

I ride with a powered cooler in my pannier, so meals like homemade Lasagne with spinach and arugula salad are possible. I am so done with freeze dried or MRE rations. I cooked the Lasagne in a "double boiler" using both pots so it wouldn't burn on Vulcan's furnace. That little stove is hot!

Lasagne cooked double boiler style.

The next day the sun came out!

I took advantage and went on a nice little hike around the lake (bear spray and bangers in hand) before heading home. 

Selfie at Snowshoe Lake. Bear spray and bangers in hand.


  • Thanks for the blog and great photos, Kate.
    I’ll be looking forward to your adventures with the Bear Sentry Systems up the Demster Highway!
    Cheers 😁

    Brian Forbes Colgate
  • What an adventure! Your spouse is a real trooper. Great idea with the bear fence and spray. Myself I would be pretty scared out there in the Great North if I ran into any grizzly. Stay safe and keep up the great job with the posts.

    Jeff McLean
  • Love your camp and great
    photographs and your bear fence (looks like a small version of our fences we put up for endurance riding with our horses).
    Any suggestions for a first timer camping in Canada (will definitely get a bear fence)?

  • Very impressive. I think the Bear Sentry is brilliant. I had a short foot race with a Griz once. Not such a fan of them. I read a book on bear attacks years ago written by a Canadian biologist who worked as a bear consultant for the mining and timber industry. The book said that bear spray was more effective than firearms. As an American I have a predisposition to think guns fix every problem – from social issues to climate change….lol. Anyway – love your approach to bears – early warning and spray. Also admire your approach to road food. Thanks for the tips.

    James Lee O'Brien

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